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First Step Marketing is an innovative Nordic data house. With our high-quality services, we offer market information and customer understanding that turn into sales, deals and opportunities for extra earnings


We are an independent player with a specialty in the Nordic market.


We have a large network consisting of the best players in the market within market information, financial information, property information and related services such as analysis and creative services - both nationally and internationally.


Our team is located in Oslo, Norway and consists of top-notch experts in these fields.

When the client pleased, we are pleased” and that is what we work towards every day

Our Services

  • Data


    Target group thinking is at the core of most of our actions. We are a responsible actor and strive to maximize the value we bring to our customers.


    High-quality and trusted target groups are the essence for every advertiser and media house to use. Utilizing offline data is a powerful way to find the right consumer targeting for your business. Whether you want to approach potential customers via phone or direct mail, we help your business reach just the right people.


    Through our unique partnership network, you are able to reach most people and businesses in The Nordic Region, Europe and many other countries.


    High-quality leads are a prerequisite for efficient sales work both in B2B businesses and certain consumer markets. We can help your business find potential customers and leads of those that have expressed interest in buying – with us you will also get access to official registries, all through a one-stop strategy.


    Updating and maintaining registries are things that marketers do not usually pay much attention to – however, up-to-date registries are the only way to prevent sending unnecessary messages and reaching the wrong people. Sending direct mail these days can be carried out in a more targeted and timely manner than ever before, and this is an ample opportunity for marketers.


    Unlike people’s variable behaviour on digital media, a physical address and place of residence are steadier factors – home is still the place where we want to relax. With direct mail, marketers can reach their target audience in their own natural environment with both content and advertising. Even though the amount of direct mail sent has decreased, the targeting potential and timeliness has improved. That is why correct and up-to-date contact information is key in successful marketing actions. 


    This both saves money and prevents bad image effects stemming from incorrect contact information. Whether it’s a one-time update or a continuous one, we will help you find the best and most cost-effective solution for you.

  • Data


    Enrichments are individual-level demographics information, demographic forecasts, or data about interests derived from online behaviour through demographics. This information can be imported into your customer database to enrich your data – making your data richer and therefore more usable. Enriching your data helps your company create genuinely useful and valuable customer insights.


    Business customer databases typically only cover information based on customer behaviour such as subscriptions/orders, products, the cumulative value of customer ship, and the age of customer ship. This data is important for steering actions, but it crucially lacks descriptions of consumers based on their values, attitudes, consumption habits, and demographics.


    We will help you enrich your existing customer data or start fresh without previous customer data. As an example, information that describes your customers can be appended to your customer database to help you better understand your customers and carry out more accurate analytics and more effective campaigns.


    Modeling our data into your customer database is done in an agile, professional way with the lead of our experts. Read more about our analytics services here and don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • Customer Insight and analytics

    Customer insights are at the core of every business decision. Customer insights derived from data with analytics offers your business totally new perspectives that help you know who your customers are and also understand how they spend their time. It also shows the direction they are heading in terms of purchasing, what are their values, and with what message and on which channel you can best reach them. We are your partner on the journey to better customer insights. We put your customers at the centre of your decision making.


    Genuine customer insights can only be built on a foundation of data. We offer diverse customer insights and analytics services to businesses that want to understand their customers better and to reach just the right target groups with their messages.


    We have powerful tools and methods at our disposal. We utilize high-quality, and safe data sources to uncover the essential matters about your business’ target groups. We enrich data, build forecast models and profile reports.

    Get to know our customer insights and analytics services and contact us when you want to do better business!



"It is always a pleasure to work with Peter. He has many years of experience and is very service and customer minded". 

Tor-Erling Nilsen, Giant Leap Technologies, CSO

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